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More Trusted: Social network users or the experts?

Through social media, consumers now have an ability to express their thoughts like never before. With multiple publishing platforms that are accessible by anyone in the world with an internet connection, consumers are not only talking but being heard. This new generation of word-of-mouth marketing is changing the way consumers find out about new products and make purchasing decisions. Word-of-mouth has always been incredibly powerful, social media has increased each individuals reach by hundreds or thousands. The question among marketers is whether or not the increase in the word-of-mouth ‘social signal’ will dilute the power of word-of-mouth.

Is ‘word-of-mouth’ still the most trusted form of marketing?

According to a Trendstream & Lightspeed Research report, online users worldwide cited a 50% increase in trust among other users in their social networks and a 21% increase among microblog contacts. Traditional forms of expert-authored content such as radio, tv, and newspaper saw very little increase in trust.

Reenforcing the need for monitoring your brand on social media

As consumers place more and more trust in each other,  it is essential for brands to be listening online to know what consumers are saying.  With any public brand, there are bound to be unhappy consumers and employees as well as activists, critics, and radicals who are mentioning your brand online everyday.

What are you doing to keep tabs on your brand?

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