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How employees can provide great content for your corporate blog

Content marketing is all about developing great content that leads to sales. I’ve written quite a bit before about building a content marketing strategy and how a robust company blog equals more leads, but what about creating great content? You can do research and find topics to write about (like this MarketingSherpa post that inspired this one), uncover new trends in your market and post them (such as this post on mobile marketing), but where else can you get new content to drive sales? Well, just look around your office.

Recruiting your own company experts

Every organization has individuals who specialize in a specific job function that matters to your clients and more importantly, prospects. Whether marketing, sales, or even operations, employees have experience and wisdom that can be transformed into a great blog post on any given day. I’m sure there are plenty of questions already: What if they can’t write? What should they talk about? What if they don’t want to participate? Easy answers:

  • They’re experts, not bloggers: Don’t expect them to write and format a great blog post on your company blog. You just want their knowledge, keep the blogging to the writers in your organization.
  • Keep topics ‘simple’: Don’t let your experts get too in-depth. They may be an ‘expert’, but the readers are far from it. You need to find the balance where you don’t overwhelm, but also don’t underwhelm. Don’t be afraid to suggest topics that matter to your readers and have them provide their expert input on the subject.
  • Incentivize participation: Everyone in the organization has a job goal. Whether it’s authority in the field, climbing the corporate ladder or wanting to get more involved with the direction of the company, most will have their own reason for joining in, just provide the necessary encouragement.
  • Give credit: Most importantly, give credit to the contributors. Have their name (and even image) attached to the blog post, it wil encourage further participation.

Are your employees blogging on your corporate blog, or is it a one-man operation? If you haven’t done so yet, ask your employees to contribute, it’s a low risk/high-reward tactic. The more content on your blog the more chances you have of a gaining a prospects interest. Give it a shot.

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