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Is there a best time to Tweet?

Twitter is trending to be the most powerful mass communication tool of its time. It has already surpassed what its creators could have imagined for its uses; whether it be for friends, business, politics, etc., people want to join in on the noise.

Out of the 75 million subscribers on twitter, 15 million are “active” and thousands are joining each day.  If there are more then 30 million tweets per day, how can you ensure your voice is heard?

What is the best time to tweet?

There’s a reason those 3 AM TV ad spots are cheaper than prime-time commercial spots – more people are watching. The same is applied to radio as well.

In the past, online marketing was almost free of “best times” since most advertising was done in a static environment using CPC or CPM (impressions) model. Social Media is changing that. Now with blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. timing in online marketing is important as well. So is there a best time to tweet?

Yes and No.

If you’re just tweeting about your day, or tweeting with your buddies online, then no, of course there is no best time. If you’re tweeting with a purpose – presenting a new blog post or link, retweeting, or providing some kind of important content – studies have shown that certain times are better than others.

When Should I Tweet?

According to Gary McCaffrey, a simple study of twitter visits in a month showed the best times to be between 9am – 3pm PST. Specifically, 1pm – 2pm showed the most visitors.

Oli Gardner also provides us with similar results. Oli suggests that your tweets should coincide when people are taking breaks from work. At the beginning of the day, lunch time, and towards the end of the work day when winding down. That’s when people are most likely to be checking Twitter.

Oli claims 9am PST is the best time to tweet, citing break times in 3 time zones as the reason why. In the west, people are just getting in. On the east, it’s lunch time, and in the UK it’s the end of the work day. Certainly makes sense. FastCompany claims that 4pm EST on Friday is the best time/day to be retweeted. Their charts also show high tweeting volume between 9am – 3pm PST.

You can definitely use these times as a guideline, but the best answer is to see what works for you.

What if most of your followers are on the east coast? Maybe the west? Maybe in Australia? You’ll need to do some testing. Retweet a link at completely different times and gauge your results to help determine what time is the best time for you to tweet.

If you’ve already done some testing, leave your results in the comments. Happy Tweeting!

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