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3 Resources for Building a Great Tweet Plan

If you’re new to Twitter, getting involved can seem overwhelming at times. Finding followers, knowing what to tweet, knowing when to tweet, finding the time to tweet, it’s all very time-consuming if you don’t have a plan in place. These Resources will give you a great foundation in how to build a Tweet Plan that gets results.

8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality Twitter Following

This is a really great step-by-step guide to growing your twitter following. Includes everything you need to get started from application suggestions, instructions for timing your tweets, and ideas on how not to get burnt out.

Make a Tweet Plan to Get the Most from Twitter

Similar to the above post, but a little simplified. So if you feel a little put off by 8 steps, try this one, it’s only 5. Still a ton of great info and every tweet post gives you a little bit different insight on how to use Twitter most effeciently.

How to Use Twitter to Grow your Business

Here’s one more resource on using Twitter for your business. Less focus on the technical side of setting up a Tweet Plan, more focus on the who and why of Twitter for business.

Hopefully these three Twitter Resources will help you get your Tweet Plan started off right. It’s easy to get caught up in the time-consuming nature of Twitter, but with the right plan, you can use Twitter to build your online reputation and grow your business.

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